Why Hemp?

With over 30,000 commercial uses including food, clothing, medicine and building materials, hemp is often praised for being a wonder crop. As an environmental powerhouse, each acre of hemp sequesters up to 20 tons of CO2 and can produce up to 4x the cellulose fibre pulp than that of trees, eliminating the need for deforestation. Hemp’s fast growth rate (between 90 – 120 days), natural resistance to most pests and ability to grow in a variety of climate and soil types also makes it a farmer’s best friend.









Hemp can be used to build sustainable homes that are cheaper than traditional homes.

Hemp has numerous therapeutic and health benefits and cleanses our air.

Hemp can be used as biofuel in the production of energy.

Hemp can be used to build green, sustainable infrastructure.

Hemp is a zero waste product.

Hemp helps sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Hemp requires 1/3 the amount of water as cotton.

Hemp can help remediate soils and end deforestation.



Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make clothing fibre and textiles, and is also a non-toxic and biodegradable alternative to plastics.


Hemp leaves and flowers are rich in CBD, which has been proven to assist therapeutically in the management of inflammation, pain, depression, anxiety, psychotic behaviours, seizures and spasms without any adverse effects.


High in amino acids, protein, dietary fibre and omega 3-6-9’s, hemp seeds are a superfood.


Hempcrete is an energy efficient, non-toxic and mold, insects, rodents, mildew and fire resistant alternative to traditional concrete.